Welcome to Wichita Avenue Evangelical Church

Wichita Avenue Evangelical Church is a growing church for a growing community. Our church has been helping bring God’s hope to others and raising up generations of believers for more than 100 years. We are proud of our rich history but we know God wants us to constantly evolve to meet the needs of each new generation. Currently, our church is engaged in a church turn around process which includes expert advice on how to best reach our community and the next generation. As part of that process, our lead pastor is currently on sabbatical to refresh, reflect and revitalize. In the meantime, we are still holding services with guest sermon speakers and pastors and we would love for you to come alongside us as we seek the people and needs of our community. Come, grow and go with us!


Great environment to worship the LORD. The Pastor provides an easy, understandable message based on scripture and insight from the teaching of Jesus Christ and his disciples. You really need to experience it first hand to fully appreciate all that this Church has to offer.

Lawrence C.

Thank You Wichita church for loving me and making me feel welcome. God has much in store for you this year. 2014. Its going to be a good one. God Loves Wichita. He will water you and you will grow. You will reflect His Light. God bless all His sons and daughters at Wichita Evangelical Church.

Jason A.

One word “AMAZING”
I never experienced true love until I found Wichita, God is totally present here!

Jennifer P.
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